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      The Modern Vienna Game
      Catalog Code: B0109EU

      The Vienna set-up aims for very aggressive play, which often includes sacrifices. But White prefers to be on the safe side, without burning all the bridges and to try to justify his actions from the point of view of positional play as well. At first, he deploys his minor pieces to active positions, then he advances the thematic move f4, castles (usually on the kingside) and begins an attack only after all this. Despite the fact that the move 2.Nc3 has been played for more than a hundred years, there has not been defined a clear-cut scheme for playing this set-up.

      The Modern Vienna Game

      Our Price: $31.95
      POWER PLAY - Attacking with 1. e4 - PART II - Daniel King - VOLUME 19
      Catalog Code: WIN0443CB

      This DVD provides you with a repertoire of attacking lines against: The Scandinavian, Alekhine’s Defence, The Petroff, The Philidor, The Pirc, The Modern Defence (1. e4 g6). Many of these openings are very popular in club chess, yet they are often underestimated by players of the white pieces. Using his wealth of experience playing with 1 e4, Grandmaster Daniel King explains the openings and provides you with an aggressive system against each of them. This is the second part of Daniel King’s project ‘Attack with 1 e4’ (part I dealt with the Sicilian, the French, The Caro Kann and 1...e5). King’s recommendations aim to put your opponent under pressure right from the start of the game, and when players are under pressure, mistakes occur. This is a practical repertoire – if we study openings we want to be sure to use them in our games. After just a few moves, you will be dictating play.
      New Product!

      POWER PLAY - Attacking with 1. e4 - PART II - Daniel King - VOLUME 19

      Regular Price: $39.95

      Our Price: $36.95

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