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      The Official Rules of Chess
      Professional, Scholastic and Internet Chess Rules
      Catalog Code: B0031CZ

      Publisher: Cardoza Publishing
      Author: Eric Schiller
      Year of Publication: 2003 Pages: 128
      Notation Type: None

      Book Description This rule book is the essential guide to the professional, scholastic, and Internet rules of chess. Written in plain English for practical use, you'll learn everything you need to know about tournaments, rating systems, etiquette for in-person and online play, and chess notation. Special sections for students and parents answer all the frequently asked questions about competitive play. These are the rules that apply to every tournament form of chess, from scholastic competitions, to world championship play. About the Author(s) Eric Schiller is a National Master and well-known opening theoretician. He has authored Bozens of monographs and is a Contributing Editor to Chess Life magazine. He holds a Ph. D. in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, and has translated Works by the present and former World Champions.

      The Official Rules of Chess

      Our Price: $9.95
      Mathematical Go Endgames
      Nightmares for the Professional Go Player
      Catalog Code: B0156IS

      In this unique book, the authors, both only amateur Go players themselves, develop the mathematical techniques for solving late-stage endgame problems that can stump top-ranking professionals.

      Mathematical Go Endgames

      Our Price: $25.95

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