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      SwissSys Tournament Director Software
      Catalog Code: WIN0001SYS

      Since 1988, SwissSys has been the choice of tournament directors who want to devote their energies to making events more enjoyable for the players -- not to wrestling with uncooperative software.

      SwissSys Tournament Director Software

      Our Price: $99.95
      WIN - WinTD Tournament Director Software
      Catalog Code: WIN0001TD

      WinTD is designed to make running a chess tournament as painless as possible. Thanks to its intuitive graphical interface, all of the information you need to run a tournament is presented in a convenient, easily accessible fashion. Operations such as pairing rounds, entering game results, and printing charts require just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes. The program is also very flexible, giving you a great deal of control over all aspects of the pairing process, including drop/raise decisions, interchanges of players to improve color assignments, and more. You can also customize the displays and printed output to suit your preferences or the particular task at hand, such as displaying a list of all the players in the tournament who haven't paid the entry fee, or who haven't checked in to the tournament. The Windows version of WinTD runs under any recent version of Windows, from 95/98 through System 7.

      WIN - WinTD Tournament Director Software

      Our Price: $89.95

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