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      US Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess - SIXTH EDITION
      Catalog Code: B0023RH

      This comprehensive rulebook is the only guide sanctioned and compiled by the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF), the governing body for chess in the United States. It is designed to be a useful reference for all chess players, especially tournament directors and chess club teachers.

      US Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess - SIXTH EDITION

      Our Price: $19.95
      Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
      Catalog Code: B0011RH

      Learn to think the same way Bobby Fischer did. This is the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable book on chess ever compiled. As the student, you start at the beginning and progressively develop your skills as you apply Bobby Fischer's principles and learn how to play Chess the Bobby way.

      Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

      Our Price: $7.95
      Modern Chess Openings - 15TH EDITION
      Completed Revised and Updated
      Catalog Code: B0013RH

      Modern Chess Openings is the best and most trusted tool for serious chess players on the market. First published over a half-century ago, this is a completely revised and updated edition of the book that has been the standard English language reference on chess openings.

      Modern Chess Openings - 15TH EDITION

      Our Price: $29.95
      Pandolfini's Chess Challenges
      111 Winning Endgames
      Catalog Code: B0014RH

      Here are 111 quirky, surprising and fun tactical chess problems to improve anyone's games. Designed to promote creativity and imaginative play, all of the problems are endgame miniatures, with seven or fewer pieces on the chessboard.

      Pandolfini's Chess Challenges

      Our Price: $9.95
      Endgame - PAPERBACK
      Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall - from America's Brightest Prodigy to the Edge of Madness
      Catalog Code: B0022RH

      ENDGAME is acclaimed biographer Frank Brady's decades-in-the-making tracing of the meteoric ascent--and confounding descent--of enigmatic genius Bobby Fischer. Only Brady, who met Fischer when the prodigy was only 10 and shared with him some of his most dramatic triumphs, could have written this book, which has much to say about the nature of American celebrity and the distorting effect.of fame

      Endgame - PAPERBACK

      Our Price: $15.95

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