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    1. Chess for the Gifted & Busy

      Chess for the Gifted & Busy

      Our Price: $19.95

      This right-to-the-point book by one of the game's foremost teacher-writing teams uses a breakthrough approach to teach chess fast!

      Learn More

    2. Emanuel Lasker - The Life of a Chess Master

      Emanuel Lasker - The Life of a Chess Master

      Our Price: $14.95

      The legendary master comes vividly to life as Dr. Hannak details his childhood, education, decision to become a professional player, great exploits in matches against Marshall, Capablanca, Tarrasch, Schlechter and other players, his happy marriage, flight from Nazi Germany and much more.

      Learn More
    3. Chess Evolution - September 2011

      Chess Evolution - September 2011

      Our Price: $45.95

      A multinational team of Super-GMs analyse the most important recent games, using their world-class skill and powerful computers. This volume is essential to anyone interested in the most up-to-date and highest quality opening theory.

      Learn More

    4. Pasadena 1932 International Chess Tournament

      Pasadena 1932 International Chess Tournament

      Our Price: $41.95

      Long in the making. Part of The Great Tournaments Series. An Alekhine victory, albeit a shaky one, ahead of Kashdan, Dake/ Reshevsky/ Steiner, Borochow, Bernstein/ Factor/ Fine/ Reinfeld, Araiza, Fink. All 54 of the known games out of the 66 played are given with notes. Good photos, especially of Alekhine.

      Learn More

    5. The Blue Book of Charts to Winning Chess

      The Blue Book of Charts to Winning Chess

      Our Price: $29.95

      This is THE book that first introduced a concept that has revolutionized tournament chess for most players. The concept is simply to create a database of chess games, sorted by openings, and then see which opening moves produce the best results. This book concludes that the overall winning percentage for White is 59%.

      Learn More

    6. Start Playing Chess Today!

      Start Playing Chess Today!

      Our Price: $8.95

      Take large diagrams, straightforward instruction and helpful tips and quizzes—and what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way to play chess today. Perfect for players new to the game, the author explains the basics of chess and each piece's characteristics —how they move, their relative value and how they can be used to checkmate opponents.

      Learn More

    7. Chess Evolution 1 - The Fundamentals

      Chess Evolution 1 - The Fundamentals

      Our Price: $29.95

      Chess Evolution 1 concludes Artur Yusupov's award-winning instructional series. Chess Evolution 1 is at the Fundamentals level, which shows chess players the basic ideas they should know as they set off on the road to mastery. Yusupov guides the reader towards a higher level of chess understanding using carefully selected positions and advice. This new understanding is then tested by a series of puzzles.

      Learn More

    8. No Passion For Chess Fashion

      No Passion For Chess Fashion

      Our Price: $24.95

      Professional grandmasters study the latest wrinkles of their favorite openings. They have time to think about innovations in the Sicilian Najdorf, the Marshall Attack, or the Semi-Slav. It's part of their job. But club players can rarely afford such luxury, and an excellent way for them to beat their busy schedules is to play good, solid opening lines that happen to be out of style.

      Learn More

    9. Chess Camp - VOLUME 4

      Chess Camp - VOLUME 4

      Our Price: $11.95

      In this fourth volume, Elementary Endgames, the student will: 1) learn how to deliver fundamental checkmates such as a king and a rook against a lone king; 2) discover how to avoid stalemating the opposing king, and how to induce stalemate when threatened with checkmate; and 3) develop not only an understanding of concepts such as passed pawns and king opposition, but also a sense of confidence in the final phase of the game.

      Learn More
    10. Chess Camp - VOLUME 5

      Chess Camp - VOLUME 5

      Our Price: $11.95

      Chess Camp is a new training system for beginning chessplayers, and for the parents and coaches who teach them. Starting with simple problems to illustrate key concepts, and then progressing to more complex positions, the student will learn by doing, methodically integrating new information with previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits at the board.

      Learn More
    11. Adventures of a Chess Master

      Adventures of a Chess Master

      Our Price: $25.95

      This is the autobiography of George Koltanowski, the greatest showman and promoter that chess has ever known. Koltanowski will be best remembered as an exhibitor, writer, promoter and showman. Possessed with an incredibly powerful memory, Koltanowski would often give exhibitions, playing several games blindfold simultaneously.

      Learn More
    12. Chess Strategy for Advanced Students

      Chess Strategy for Advanced Students

      Our Price: $13.95

      The art of strategic planning is not easily acquired from most teaching materials, yet it is one of the most important aspects of practical play. In this book, positional factors have been approached, with examples showing how a certain specific weakness can be exploited by specific means. This book includes complete games where the strategic and positional factors are seen in the complex interplay of the middle game and end game.

      Learn More
    13. Zoom 001 - Zero Hour for Operative Chess Opening Models

      Zoom 001 - Zero Hour for Operative Chess Opening Models

      Our Price: $25.95

      This is the groundbreaking cult classic by the Legendary Grandmaster Bent Larsen and the noted openings theoretician Steffen Zeuthen. Zoom 001 stands for Zero Hour for Operative Opening Models. The principal idea behind Zoom 001 is the creation of "pattern knowledge" of typical middle game/endgame structures—one of a grandmaster's essential qualities—cultivated through the use of the Grunfeld and Catalan openings.

      Learn More
    14. The Soviet School of Chess

      The Soviet School of Chess

      Our Price: $15.95

      This book discusses the first Russian grandmasters and prominent masters, such luminaries as Mikhail Chigorin, Alexander Alekhine, Mikhail Botvinnik, Vasily Smyslov, Paul Keres, Alexander Kotov, Boris Spassky, Mikhail Tal, Alexander Tolush and many others. Also included is a section dedicated to the women players.

      Learn More
    15. Learn Chess Fast

      Learn Chess Fast

      Our Price: $19.95

      IN THIS remarkable book, a great master and a great teacher have collaborated to produce what is probably the clearest and simplest guide to the game ever written. Containing more than 300 diagrams, Learn Chess Fast!

      Learn More
    16. Chess Praxis

      Chess Praxis

      Our Price: $29.95

      This is a reprint of the 1891 edition of "Chess Praxis" by Howard Staunton. This book contains so much valuable infomation about chess and chess players that it has never gone out, and never will go, out of style. This book is especially noteworthy because of the sections of the games by Morphy.

      Learn More
    17. The Chess-Player's Companion

      The Chess-Player's Companion

      Our Price: $29.95

      This is the third in a series of three books by Howard Staunton, who is considered to have been the best player in the world at that time.

      Learn More
    18. The Frankenstein-Dracula Variation in the Vienna Game of Chess

      The Frankenstein-Dracula Variation in the Vienna Game of Chess

      Our Price: $14.95

      The Frankenstein–Dracula Variation (1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.Bc4 Nxe4!?) of the Vienna Game is a monstrous thicket of complications which still have not been fully explored. The opening leads to fascinating positions which will bring enjoyment both in tournament and correspondence play. Although some theorists have treated the variation as dead and buried, experiments have managed to bring the monster variation back to life for Black, and it can now be considered fully playable.

      Learn More
    19. Improve Your Chess Tactics

      Improve Your Chess Tactics

      Our Price: $19.95

      Instruction + exercises according to the old Soviet Chess School. The best advice for chess players who want to improve quickly is: get better at tactics! Because the vast majority of amateur games is decided through tactics you will immediately start beating more opponents when you improve your tactical skills.

      Learn More
    20. Grandmaster Chess Strategy

      Grandmaster Chess Strategy

      Our Price: $29.95

      One of the most effective ways to improve your chess is to take a world class-player as your example. By collecting his games, studying his choices and examining his style, you will understand what made him rise to the very top. This is what Guido Kern and Jurgen Kaufeld have done with Swedish chess legend Ulf Andersson, a positional genius with a crystal-clear style, who rose to the number 4 spot of the FIDE world rankings.

      Learn More
    21. The Chess of Bobby Fischer

      The Chess of Bobby Fischer

      Our Price: $25.95

      Bobby Fischer is regarded as the greatest chess player of all time. A movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer" was made about two of the times he disappeared. Although there are many books about Bobby Fischer, this is the only one that deals in depth with his second, in 1992, match against Boris Spassky and the one that explores in greatest depth his playing style and thought process.

      Learn More
    22. The Joys of Chess

      The Joys of Chess

      Our Price: $34.95
      The Joys of Chess is an unforgettable intellectual expedition to the remotest corners of the Royal Game. En route, intriguing thought experiments, strange insights and hilarious jokes will offer vistas you have never seen before. The beauty, the struggle, the culture, the fun, the art and the heroism of chess – you will find them all in this sparkling book that will give you many hours of intense joy. Learn More
    23. Soviet Chess

      Soviet Chess

      Our Price: $25.95

      This seems to be regarded as the West's answer to "The Soviet School of Chess" by Alexander Kotov ISBN 4871878198 who asserts superiority in the Soviet playing style. However, those who say that are mistaken. This book by a New Zealander who emigrated to England because of the greater opportunities to play chess there, fully concurs with Kotov that the Soviet players were the best in the world.

      Learn More
    24. Power Chess for Kids

      Power Chess for Kids

      Our Price: $16.95

      A power move, explains experienced chess teacher Charles Hertan, is a winning master tactic that requires thinking ahead. To become one of the best chess players in your school you need to be able to think just 1,5 moves ahead, and this book teaches the four basic tricks do so.

      Learn More
    25. The Logical Approach to Chess

      The Logical Approach to Chess

      Our Price: $19.95

      This has long been one of the standard books on basic chess strategy. It takes the player from the middle game of chess and shows how to take it to a favorable conclusion.

      Learn More
    26. Invisible Chess Moves

      Invisible Chess Moves

      Our Price: $23.95

      Every chess player knows that some moves are harder to see than others. Why is it that, frequently, uncomplicated wins simply do not enter your mind? Even strong grandmasters suffer from blind spots that obscure some of the best ideas during a game. What is more: often both players fail to see the opportunity that is right in front of their eyes.

      Learn More
    27. Judgement and Planning in Chess

      Judgement and Planning in Chess

      Our Price: $25.95

      This is a basic book that teaches strategic planning in chess. Written by a former Chess Champion of the world, this book has as its basis an entirely novel idea which will help players over a real difficulty.

      Learn More
    28. First Book of Chess

      First Book of Chess

      Our Price: $14.95

      This book holds the distinction and is famous for being the first chess book Bobby Fischer ever read. As Bobby himself tells the story, when he was 6 years old, one day his sister Joan brought home a plastic chess set she had bought in the market and they learned how to play by reading the instructions on the box. Later, when Bobby had developed an interest in the game, Joan brought home a book appropriately entitled "First Book of Chess". It was then a new book, just out.

      Learn More
    29. The Road to Chess Mastery

      The Road to Chess Mastery

      Our Price: $25.95

      Through an introduction that explains how the ordinary chess player can improve in the various phases of the game of chess, and in enlightening commentaries far more extensive than space permits in an ordinary annotated game, former World Champion Dr. Max Euwe shows how a chess player should think, by indicating the moves for all but the most obvious moves of each game. By applying what he learns in this work the reader may, indeed, find himself traveling the road to chess mastery.

      Learn More
    30. Chess Informant - ISSUE 112

      Chess Informant - ISSUE 112

      Our Price: $37.95
      Chess Informant 112 brings in the main section a thoroughly refined selection of 315 annotated games and 315 accompanying game fragments from May - August 2011. Featuring games are from following tournaments, Kazan (World Championship Candidates), La Habana, Lublin, Danzhou, Leon (rapid), Medias, Paks, New Delhi, Biel, Dortmund, Rostov on Don (Women's Grand Prix), Russia (ch), France (ch), Khanty-Mansiysk (World Cup), etc. Learn More
    31. A Guide To Chess Endings

      A Guide To Chess Endings

      Our Price: $25.95

      This book makes a fairly thorough study of those endings most likely to occur in play, especially those with rooks. This book is best worked through as a course of study, so that the underlying ideas are absorbed and a sound positional judgment is acquired it is at first not necessary to understand every nuance, far less to try to remember the more difficult variations; indeed one might pass over the sub-variations at first reading.

      Learn More
    32. Chess Openings for Kids

      Chess Openings for Kids

      Our Price: $16.95

      For chess-players of all ages and abilities, it is vital to get off to a good start. This simple guide provides all the tips and ideas needed to play purposefully from move one. That's because these 50 Mighty Openings are the very ones used by chess masters and grandmasters to outwit opponents time and again. This book teaches the names and starting moves of all the main chess openings, and explains the basic ideas.

      Learn More
    33. The Gambit Book of Instructive Chess Puzzles

      The Gambit Book of Instructive Chess Puzzles

      Our Price: $16.95

      There is something here for everyone. The puzzles in the first two chapters are based on a clear-cut tactic or checkmate, such as those explained in Gambit's best-sellers How to Beat Your Dad at Chess and Chess Tactics for Kids. The endgame challenges highlight tactics and principles in action. In practice it is vital to defend resiliently and seek counterattacking chances – there is an innovative chapter on these rarely-covered themes as well as puzzles where the reader must decide how to punch home an attack.

      Learn More
    34. Understanding Chess Middlegames

      Understanding Chess Middlegames

      Our Price: $24.95

      Following on from his successful Understanding Chess Endgames, John Nunn turns his attention to the middlegame - the phase of the chess battle where most games are decided, yet the one that has received the least systematic treatment from chess writers. With the outstanding clarity for which he is famous, Nunn breaks down complex problems into bite-sized pieces.

      Learn More
    35. Attacking Chess - The French

      Attacking Chess - The French

      Our Price: $27.95

      This will prove ideal for players who like to seize the initiative and cause problems for their opponents from the outset. Williams' recommendations in the French are based on his own repertoire which he has successfully employed at Grandmaster level.

      Learn More
    36. Attacking Chess - The King's Indian - VOLUME 2

      Attacking Chess - The King's Indian - VOLUME 2

      Our Price: $27.95

      The King's Indian remains a hugely popular opening at all levels of chess - unsurprising given the attacking opportunities it offers. In many of the ultra-sharp main lines, both sides can fight for the initiative. White frequently wins the queenside battle but this often turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory as Black wins the war by checkmating on the kingside!

      Learn More

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