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    Philidor Defense
    Catalog Code: WIN0178CB

    The Philidor Denfence 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 combines a number of advantages. The black player has a choice of various types of positions - he can play with or without capturing on d4.

    Philidor Defense

    Regular Price: $33.95

    Our Price: $30.95

    Philidor Defense - Alexei Shirov
    Catalog Code: WIN0208CB

    The newest addition to Alexei Shirov Fritz Trainer Opening software DVD series: The Philidor Defence.

    Philidor Defense - Alexei Shirov

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Our Price: $36.95

    Fighting Philidor - Victor Bologan
    Catalog Code: WIN0278CB

    In modern chess - full of information, games and analysis - it is important to have new ideas and fresh openings. The Philidor Defence DVD provides you with exactly that!

    Fighting Philidor - Victor Bologan

    Regular Price: $36.95

    Our Price: $33.95

3 Item(s)

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