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      Chess for Children
      How to Play the World's Most Popular Board Game
      Catalog Code: B0157GB

      With this charming book, children will delight in learning the basic moves of chess - the most popular and challenging strategy game of all. All the rules of chess are clearly explained, step by step, assuming no prior knowledge. The lessons are reinforced by the inventive tales that George is told by his pet alligator Kirsty, self-proclaimed Grand Alligator of chess.

      Chess for Children

      Our Price: $16.95
      The Teenage Chess Book
      Catalog Code: B0281IS

      This book is a lively result of a chess authority's attempts to help his teenage son improve his play. In writing this book, the author kept in mind the player who has little or no previous knowledge of chess. His aim has been to provide a useful practical technique for handling the game. In addition to basic information about the board, the chess men and notation, Dr. Fine in a special chapter on chess moves introduces the reader to some of the delights or more complex play. The last chapter is devoted to describing a study scheme which is bound to lead to steady improvement on one's play.
      New Product!

      The Teenage Chess Book

      Our Price: $15.95

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