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    Chess Teacher

    Product Code: NOVTEACH


    This Chess Teacher is a learning set for the beginner. Have you always wanted to learn how to play chess? The Chess Teacher easily shows how many spaces each piece can move and in which directions. No reading required. Complete with deluxe 15" x 15" chess board. For two players.

    • For two players
    • Perfect learning set for chess beginners
    • Chess pieces are marked with arrows to teach the player what direction the chess pieces can move
    • Pieces are large enough for little hands to grasp
    • 6 years + Up

    Our Price: $14.95

    Product Details

    Weighting N/A
    King Height (m) N/A
    King Base Diameter N/A
    King Base Diameter (m) N/A
    Basepad Material N/A
    Chess Board Footprint N/A
    Bag or Box Dimensions N/A
    Total Set Weight N/A
    Total Number of Chess Pieces N/A
    DGT eBoard Compatible N/A

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