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Folding Mahogany and Maple Wooden Tournament Chessboard


Crafted in Europe, the Mahogany and Maple Folding Wooden Tournament Chessboard features Mahogany (dark) and Maple (light) squares with a Mahogany frame. This Chessboard is 0.5" thick, has a satin finish and has the Rank and File Labels that make it an excellent training tool.


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Manufacturer The House of Staunton
DGT eBoard Compatible N/A
Board Finish N/A
Material(s) Used Mahogany, Maple
Folding Board Yes
Chessboard Height N/A
Chessboard Footprint N/A

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Women's World Champion GM Susan Polgar and teammate IM Irina Krush battle the Georgian (Russia) Women's team at the 2004 FIDE Chess Olympiad on the Mahogany Frame Wooden Tournament Chessboard. World Champion Garry Kasparov takes on Academy Award (R) Nominated Actor Woody Harrelson on the White Birch Frame Wooden Tournament Chessboard.


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