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    101 Chess Questions Answered

    Sound Advice on all Aspects of Playing Chess

    Product Code: B0013GB


    Steve Giddins is an author acclaimed for his ability to write in down-to-earth style on fundamental chess topics. In this book he answers the questions that really matter to chess-players. His topics include many basic ideas, including some that have rarely been addressed so directly in chess literature, and thus are often misunderstood by club players. Where appropriate, the answers also address highly sophisticated concepts, providing insights gleaned from many years of experience and discussions with players and trainers of the highest level. 

    Subjects covered in this book include: Playing Chess in General, The Opening, Tactics and Combinations, Planning and Strategy, Positional Play, The Endgame, Competitive Play and Training and Computers. Throughout this book, the ideas are backed up with examples from practical play and thought-provoking quotes from great chess players, thinkers and writers.

    About the Author:

    Steve Giddins is a FIDE Master from England who has frequently contributed to the British Chess Magazine and the ChessBase website. He has gained a reputation as a writer who provides useful, no-nonsense advice on topics of genuine practical importance, drawing especially upon his familiarity with Russian chess literature and training methods.

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    Product Details

    ISBN 9781906454005
    Manufacturer Gambit Publishing
    Author(s) Steve Giddins
    Pages 128 Pages
    Publication Date Oct 7, 2008
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine
    Book Edition N/A

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