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    ULTIMATE WOODEN Magnetic Travel Chess Set

    Product Code: TRV0028

    A beautiful handcrafted Book Shaped Magnetic Travel Chess Set from The House of Staunton! It is crafted from Golden Rosewood & Maple and is the Strongest Magnetic Travel Set on the Market - You can turn the board upside down and the pieces will not move! What makes it the ultimate is that it also features a revolutionary two-part closure system that allows you to save your position for future use. Simply fold down the flaps and it's ready for transport. This travel set also features a new pattern of Wooden Chessmen, which are very robust in stature, like the travel sets of old.

    Our Price: $89.95


    Manufacturer The House of Staunton
    King Height 1" inch / 2.54 cm
    Travel Set Size 7" inch x 5" inch

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