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Chess Rules of Thumb

Product Code: B0008LV

Chess Rules of Thumb gives you the winning principles of chess in clear, short statements. Three-time US Champion Lev Alburt and World Chess Hall of Fame Curator Al Lawrence have put together three centuries of insights from the masters. Fun to browse or to read from cover-to-cover, it's a book that all chess players—from beginners to grandmasters—lwiull enjoy for a lifetime.

Like life, chess has its rules. The difference that your parents probably didn't tell you about chess.


Never cross the street before looking both ways.

Never discuss portable explosives in the airport security line.

Never overthrow the cut-off man.

Never download email from someone you don't know.

Never take the queen's knight pawn.


Save hours of head-scratching and uncertainty in your own games and understand why the masters make the moves they do:

The worst square for a White knight is b.2.

With rook vs. two knights, exchanging queens is worth a pawn.

Never capture the b.2 pawn with the queen.

Rooks united on the seventh are blind pigs.

The winner is the one who commits the next-to-last mistake.


Backed up with diagrams and illustrations to help you remember key principles, a glossary of essential chess terms and a rundown on all major openings, Chess Rules of Thumb will improve your chess play. And it's great fun to read!


Never buy a chess book that isn't fun!

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ISBN 9781889323107
Manufacturer Chess Information
Author(s) Al Lawrence, Lev Alburt
Pages 191 Pages
Publication Date Jan 1, 2003
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Media Mail Eligible Yes

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