CLEARANCE - Essential Chess Endings for Advanced Players

Product Code: CB0046CD


Publisher: Chess Digest
Author: John Donaldson
Year of Publication: 1995

Pages: 128
Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

Book DescriptionThis book deals with how to develop endgame technique in essential, but practical endings for advanced players (Class B and above). The eleven chapters are:

(1) A Review of Basic Endgames,
(2) Knight Endings-Part One,
(3) Knight Endings-Part Two,
(4) Bishop vs Knight,
(5) Bishops of Opposite Color,
(6) Rook Endings,
(7) Double Rook Endings,
(8) Rook & Bishop vs Rook & Bishop,
(9) Queen and Rook vs Queen and Rook,
(10) Queen Endings, and
(11) Queen and Bishop vs Queen and Knight.

This book will provide the advanced player with practical advice on how to play positions and is an invaluable guide to the properties of the individual pieces and how they combine together

There is no other endgame book for the stronger player like this one - it is a classic.


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Product Details

ISBN 9780875682631
Manufacturer Chess Digest
Pages 128 Pages
Publication Date Jan 1, 1995
Notation Type AN - Algebraic

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