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Hanging Pawns

Product Code: CB0013XX


Publisher: International Chess
Author: Adrian Mikhachishin
Year of Publication: 1998

Pages: 202
Notation Type: Long FIgurine (LFAN)

Book DescriptionHanging pawns are one of the most widespread and interesting types of central pawn structure. What plan should the player having hanging pawns follow? How should one fight against hanging pawns? In other words, in what lies the strength - and the weakness - of hanging pawns? Various middlegame treatises have dealt with the question, but a deep elucidation has not been achieved. This book, written by one of the world's leading chess theorists, presents an easy-to-under system of classification and analyzes in detail more than 180 typical hanging pawn positions.


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Product Details

ISBN 9781879479777
Pages 202 Pages
Publication Date Jan 1, 1998
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Edition N/A

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