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    The 1000 Best Short Games of Chess

    A Treasury of Masterpieces in Miniature

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    Perhaps if you owned one of the four or five great chess libraries of the world, you could, by diligent search, find most or all of these delectable nuggets. But who has either the time or the assets. So, Mr. Chernev, who has both, has provided us here with 1000 of the sweetest sugar-coated pills in all chess literature. Each introduced with a brief, pungent or witty commentary.

    Chess brevities have always exercised a special attraction for lovers of the royal game. It may be well that we welcome the punishment inexorably meted out for some trifling slip. Maybe it's out inherent sadism that makes us enjoy the spectacle of speedy punishment doled out to someone else, just as a fight fan thrills to a one-round knockout. Perhaps it's only our inherent laziness after all, to play over a brevity, one often need not bother to set up the pieces. Be that is it may, its popularity is universal. And here are the best of them, gathered together in one volume, for your pleasure and enjoyment.

    Many of us know instances galore of beginners becoming a cropper after only a few moves through the “scholar's mate” or some other absurdity not necessarily so primitive. Yet it would be quite wrong to assume that only duffers suffer the ignominy of a speedy knockout. The victim may well be a famous master, as you will discover to your surprise, delight and, most of all, your deep, deep satisfaction. After all, if Morphy can be mated in 12 moves, Capablanca defeated in 13, and Lasker blitzed in 14, who are we to hide our heads in shame?

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    ISBN B00FQ489RQ
    Manufacturer Ishi Press
    Author(s) Irving Chernev
    Pages 563
    Publication Date Feb 12, 2013
    Notation Type DN - Descriptive

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