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    Anthology of Chess Combinations

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    Publisher: Chess Informants
    Author: Chess Informants
    Year of Publication: 2005

    Notation Type: Figurine(FAN)

    Book DescriptionThe book offers a selection of 2709 most beautiful combinations ever played on the 64-square battlefield.

    The third edition of the Anthology of Chess Combinations features several major changes introduced by the Chess Informant Editorial Board. The main one being that it has been divided into two main parts: featuring educative and practical examples. As a foundation for the first part, the previous edition of the Anthology has been used with our original classification keys pertaining to fundamental tactical motifs. All the material inherited from the previous edition underwent rigorous re-examination by critically-minded experts from the Editorial Board armed with top-level computer engines to ensure the high-quality of the examples.

    The second part has been created to incorporate the elements of a workbook. More recent examples have been added and subdivided into three groups to maintain a clear-cut structure. Each group has three difficulty levels without any classification keys, to make sure that the prospective solver cannot benefit from any hints. However, index of the themes is made available at the end of each level.

    The big names are included, of course, but even more interesting are their annotations to the games, as they produce an excellent testimony to the depth of some extraordinary ideas that could otherwise have been left unnoticed. We hope that the third edition of the Anthology of Chess Combinations will help readers develop a greater appreciation for the art of combinative chess and a fundamental understanding of how it can be achieved.

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    ISBN 8489046050
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    Author(s) Sahovski
    Pages 575 Pages
    Publication Date Jan 1, 2005
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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